Mission Statement

Our mission focuses on the overall betterment of all animals. We will advance this cause through education, rescue, rehabilitation, pollution solutions, repurposing, and kindness. All the while, we are contributing to our animal friend's health, wellness, and quality of life. As Founders of Fur Fin and Feathers, we are combining our 25 years of uses experience with our passion for helping animals. Our guiding principles center on a sustainable business plan that provides funding grants to qualified nonprofits ana local animal outreach programs that directly affect our neighborhoods.

These programs will create a platform to support our mission while allowing us to aid various established nonprofit animal causes for generations to come.

There are numerous benefits to "Shopping Small". Fur Fins and Feathers is a small business nonprofit. It can directly influence the health and wellbeing of our animal friends, and the planet. Small businesses can reduce the environmental impact that national chains inflict on our planet.

Not only do small businesses create a sense of community but they also give back to the neighborhoods in a direct and meaningful way. They provide access to diverse products while making a major local economic impact.

Fur Fins and Feathers raises money through a consignment store, donations, online sales, fundraisers, educational classes, and participating and promoting animal causes.

Our nonprofit is a brick and mortar store, creating a multi-use space focusing on an antique and consignment store. We will offer everything from antiques, jewelry, and art to furniture, home decor, and vintage clothing.

A consignment store is a terrific recycling and repurposing business that aligns with our mission of community support. Buying second hand is an alternative solution that directly influences the sustainability and resources of our planet.

In the near future, we will be adding a "Shop Small Marketplace" area in the store highlighting small businesses. It will feature locally produced and packaged organic products for our animals. We will also offer branded FFF merchandise.

Offering multiple types of locally sourced goods and services give us more opportunities to support our local economy while raising money to further our mission. Fur Fins & Feathers will take a direct, proactive approach to educating and supporting our neighborhoods on the vital relationship our animal friends have in our own lives and wellbeing.

Through this comprehensive approach, we will help the animals that need us, educate the communities about that need and contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint on this planet.


Sundi Sage

Director & CEO

Email: info@furfinsandfeathers.org

Phone: 619-230-5767

501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation


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